Local Removals Adelaide also provides commercial removalist services to its valued customers. We strive to present services that will meet the demands and requirements of our customers. We have been providing our customers with high-quality, reliable transportation of goods in the direction of the experiences brought by the public companies and private business for years. Who can use our commercial removalist services?

  • Schools
  • Health Facilities
  • Training Centres
  • Banks
  • Business Centres
  • Offices
  • Libraries

We Are the Destination If You Are After a Commercial Removalist Service

Offering professional solutions for your commercial move needs; Local Removals Adelaide is a company that analyses the transportation needs of your property and offers quality solutions to you with reasonable price options. We would like you to move your commercial supplies smoothly and reliably and you can get detailed information about our commercial removalist services by contacting us.

A successful commercial move always begins with effective planning, step by step. All aspects of the move need to be analysed and the organization is done in a way that minimizes the impact on your business. Checkpoints are assigned in order to determine exactly whether a certain stage has been completed and how well.

On the day of relocation, the necessary equipment, tools and vehicles will be meticulously ready at your doorstep. All your office furniture will be disassembled and packed with care. Documents and other important paperwork will be moved in their folders without being displaced.

We make sure that items such as computers, monitors and other gadgets are packed with extra care since they are the core elements of a business.

In the 15 years of service, we have helped hundreds, of business to relocate their offices, work places and other commercial properties.

Offices are places where companies conduct their activities. Companies and their customers’ first contact usually take place at offices, in addition, all kinds of legal documents, company-specific files and other valuable items are located in offices. For these reasons, the office removalist service is a very demanding business. As Local Removals Adelaide, we are aware of this and we offer our planned services to bring you solutions to suit your move.

Local Removals Adelaide, one of the best removalist services of our country, has developed itself very well in the field of commercial moves. As a result of collaborations with corporate firms, we have always achieved a successful structure. We have successfully maintained this activity in almost every region of our country.

How Do We Operate?

From the moment you contact us, the appraisal process begins. Our appraisal team will visit you and see your office. Thus, we are able to see and quantify your goods. Once our experts have received the necessary reports, you will be informed of the price. If mutual agreement is reached, the date and time of relocation will be determined. Our rates are super competitive so we are pretty sure we will, in fact, come to an agreement.

After the agreement is reached, Local Removals Adelaide starts to form the office removalist team. According to the reports we receive from our expertise, the number of removalists and type of vehicle are determined. Then the designated team comes to your address with the vehicle and starts their work. Here, disassembling is done first. Your furniture is dismantled, numbered and packaged and loaded to our trucks.

Once everything is loaded, our team starts their journey towards your new location. This is the last stage of your commercial move. Once the goods have been moved, our removalists will complete the relocation of your furniture and office valuables. After the entire process is complete, our team will check for any damages that might have occurred and provide you with an invoice.


Lighting fast replies to your inquiries
Most competitive prices in the market
Handling furniture and items with the utmost case
Top of the line equipment and packaging methods
A large fleet of impeccable removalist vehicles
Very friendly and attentive customer service
GPS Tracking of your move