The piano removalists you are looking for in Adelaide

Starting a new life often correlates with moving to a new house. A fresh start a new location is always a desirable thing but the moving process itself makes it less desirable. Some stages might be easier than others such as packing light items. However, there will be obstacles on your way such as moving your piano. A piano often has a sentimental value on its owner as well as monetary value and people tend to care about them a lot.

If you are a piano owner in Adelaide and looking to transport it to your new house, Local Removals Adelaide is the piano removalist service you are looking for. As an experienced team, we are willing to take on the full responsibility of moving your piano.

Moving a piano on your own can be dangerous

Pianos are heavy and carrying heavy items without knowing the methods can end up in injuries or damage to the piano itself. Proper tools and experience are a must to safely and correctly move a piano and Local Removals Adelaide has both of those qualities. We have performed countless piano moves in the past 15 years and we know how to carry them through narrow halls or staircases.

We use the latest tools and equipment to both pack and move the pianos. Without correct packaging, damage to your piano is almost guaranteed. For a safe transportation of a piano, it is necessary to use ramps, anchors, special packaging, towing and of course, experienced and trained personnel who have proved their skills. Our removalist services also comply with all transport regulations; we have a policy that ensures the safe transfer of your piano. Based on our long years of experience in piano removals, we always suggest to fine tune your piano after the transportation of your piano.

We have operated as a removalist service for 15 years, we have come to know that transporting and handling a heavy and fragile piano is a complicated and volatile task. Regardless it is an upright or grand piano we will handle your piano smoothly, cautiously and with coordination. To provide maximum safety, your piano will be packed and tied up during the whole transportation process.

We will be saving you time by moving your piano faster

Our personnel have a considerable amount of experience and will rapidly propose an answer for any given circumstance. For non-experts, packing, disassembling, loading and unloading a piano will take a long time. Moving the piano requires disassembling some parts of the instrument (such as the legs, lyre, and top) and packing which we know precisely how to do.

Before we get started, we will have one of our experienced team members to visit your house and get some details such as the type of the piano, its size, location and other necessary information that will able us to efficiently and securely move your piano.

We will offer you the best prices you’ll come across

Most piano removalist services in Adelaide will be quoting you astronomic prices that won’t even match their service quality. We, on the other hand, offer the most competitive rates with the best service that will both secure your pocket and piano.

Reasons to choose us over our competitors

Operating everywhere in Adelaide, we are the ideal removalist service that will help customers to securely move their pianos:

  • A perfect mix of skill and experience
  • Efficient and safety oriented personnel
  • Most affordable rates
  • Quick problem solving under any circumstances

Our removalist service is one of the best in the nation – we have a modern vision and we always believe customer satisfaction must a priority. We take pride in standing by our customers under any circumstances. Years of experience and a hard-working team – Local Removals Adelaide is always the leading name of innovations. We keep on delivering professionalism and confidence to our clients by performing their requests to the best of norms. We are going forward in the structure of our success without jeopardizing any quality.


Lighting fast replies to your inquiries
Most competitive prices in the market
Handling furniture and items with the utmost case
Top of the line equipment and packaging methods
A large fleet of impeccable removalist vehicles
Very friendly and attentive customer service
GPS Tracking of your move