Two Men & a Truck Service

Two Men & a Truck Service

We live in a city that is developing quickly and this means a rapid increase in population. Feeling the need to move houses very often is one of the effects of a growing city. Reasons can be a new work, school or etc.

Two Men & Truck Service is designed to provide you with a carefree removalist service in Melbourne. As, we have various services and this is only one of them. A smooth removal requires a professional approach that we are bringing. Let’s see why you need a professional service, and especially the Two Men & Truck Service.

Professional removalists are a must for a smooth relocation service

The difference with professional removalists is that they are trained and prepared for various methods and techniques of packing, loading, unloading and etc. during a move. By having access to all the needed tools, equipment and packing material, they make sure the removal task is going on without any interruptions. If you try to move large furniture yourself, you will most likely end up injuring yourself or damaging the furniture while trying to move it down through a narrow staircase.

  • Residential Moves – Even if it does not seem so, houses have way more stuff than it looks. This will become apparent when you realize it is not just the furniture and kitchenware you have to move. It is often that homeowners underestimate the number of things need to be moved. Two Men and A Truck Service will be able to meet your needs smoothly.
  • Commercial Moves – Looking to move your office or store? It is likely that you are moving valuable equipment as well since it is a business and it is the most appropriate to trust professionals with valuable goods. Our large truck together with the expert removalists is just what you are looking for in Melbourne.

Our Two Men and A Truck Service is ideal for usual residential and commercial moves. Our removalists are constantly trained, skilled individuals who will be dedicated to delivering you a perfect job. Have furniture to be moved? No worries, we will do it with the utmost safety and efficiency. Here is what you will get with the Two Men and A Truck Service:

  • All kinds of equipment required for the move including but not limited to straps, trolleys, blankets and etc.
  • A message about the schedule and an estimated time of arrival
  • Packing of all your items and furniture carefully and responsibly
  • Loading of all packed goods and furniture to our truck while making sure they are unharmed
  • Unloading of all packed goods and furniture and set up according to your instructions
  • Disassembling and reassembling of furniture at both locations
  • Provide you with a transparent invoice

Why Choose Us?

Designed in line with professional user experiences and requirements, our organization fully adapts to your needs. We aim to make our solutions easily adaptable to the functionality that may be needed in the future with its scalable infrastructure.

We are pursuing technological developments in both industrial and academical perspectives and we try to use all the possibilities of technology provided in the solutions we offer in the direction of your wishes. We care about your business; we know how valuable your time is. As promised, your projects will be delivered before the deadline.

Our moving vehicles are customised so that we can secure all items in the van. Bumps and potholes experienced on the road won’t be damaging your goods because of the custom design of our vehicles.